I’m a Registered Massage Therapist who helps people release tension related to pain and trauma so they can feel a greater sense of safety, resilience and freedom.

Through gentle hands-on sessions, I help people befriend their bodies and release symptoms of trauma, such as:

  • Pain from a recent car or bicycle accident, or a fall
  • Distress after dental work or surgery (even “successful” medical procedures can traumatize the body)
  • Chronic pain, including fibromyalgia and “mystery” pain
  • Lack of comfort with physical touch
  • Dissociation or a sense of not being present in your body
  • Long-term effects of emotional, sexual and physical childhood abuse
  • Post-traumatic stress (PTSD)

In these sessions, you do not re-experience past trauma or injury in a cathartic way. Instead, I guide you to revisit past “survival”¬†reactions, such as fight, flight, freeze and collapse, without becoming overwhelmed.

My approach allows you to experience that “the danger has passed,”¬†as trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk puts it. You are now safe to live in present reality. This is what I call “befriending your body,” and it is what Dr. van der Kolk is pointing to when he says:


“Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past.”

I find my work is most effective for people who:

  • Want gentle, effective ways to come back into their body
  • Feel curious about the hidden meaning of their body’s messages
  • Would like to learn how to catch, and release, early signs of tension and anxiety
  • Want to explore the connection between their body and mind
  • Value the gradual unfolding of the healing process over a “quick fix”
  • Are open to seeking support from a psychotherapist or counselor, if helpful to their healing journey

I invite you to book a session and see if this work feels right for you. I’ll help you explore how you can attune to your body and meet your life with new freedom and flexibility!